Tutorial: Bead Ring Necklaces

Several bead ring necklaces with black rubber or brown and black braided necklaces cords.

Bead rings are a common and easy-to-make stim toy. They’re pretty, colourful and easily fastened to zippers, keychains and belt loops. (For those wishing to buy and not make, autistic crafter Pi sells them at Stimtastic or their own etsy store.) I generally fidget with these by rolling my fingers over the beads. As an autistic with chronic hand pain, though, I wanted something that I didn’t have to grasp to use, as even holding onto the ring with my bad hand could cause pain flares. I also wanted something, as someone who isn’t always out as autistic, that works as a stealth fidget. While there’s a great selection of chewable necklaces available for stimmers, there’s less in the way of non-chewable fidget jewellery.

Inspiration struck one day: why don’t I attach a bead ring to a necklace?

Several months later, I own fifteen necklaces in various pride colours, have made necklaces for friends and family and never leave the house without wearing one.

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