Ask Advisory and FAQ

Ask Advisory

I will delete asks that are offensive, are asked in bad faith, are aggressive or hurtful, are too wildly off-topic (as in no connection to me, this blog, stimming, disability or neurodiversity) or require me to put spoons I don’t have into too much justifying of what I do and how I’m doing it. I make no promises to answer every ask; please know that if you do send in an ask, there’s a possibility it might lurk at the bottom of my inbox until I get around to it five hundred years from now, as frustrating as it is for the both of us!

I no longer accept resource-searching asks that require me to Google for you toys on a category or theme. I no longer have the spoons to be able to provide this service.

I am not currently accepting advice-providing asks. Please keep asks to matters of correction, things you need to say directly to me and content I should investigate or promote. I don’t have the spoons for providing support or advice at this time.

I reserve the right to close my inbox at any time, although I will post statements saying as such and give everyone a reasonable amount of warning before doing so.

Please do not expect an immediate reply, because that will only stress the both of us.

If for some reason you need a reply ASAP, please indicate this in your ask. I cannot and will not promise an immediate reply, but I will try to prioritise it.

If you’re asking off anon and wish your ask to be answered privately, please indicate this in your ask.

If you’re afraid that Tumblr ate your ask or submission (which we know happens on a regular basis) please send a message off anon so I can reassure you privately. This means I don’t clutter up our followers’ dashboards or the blog with these sorts of “yep, got it” posts. I will not post any information that connects your user name to your anon ask.

I will not answer “did you get my ask…” asks from anon users for this reason of avoiding blog cluttering.

There’s many questions I’m no longer answering directly, as I’d like to direct my spoons to more topical conversations (stim toys, autism, neurodiversity). Please check the below FAQ if you’re asking about how this blog works, as I might have covered it already!

Frequently Asked Questions