This is the WordPress mirror and static page archive for the Tumblr blog @stimtoybox, a general stimming and neurodiversity blog run by K.A., an adult Australian autistic with chronic hand and shoulder pain. Please note that @stimtoybox started out as a stim toy resource blog and is now moving towards being a combination of stim toy resources, stim toy culture discussions and general autism, neurodiversity and disability posts. This is because adding resource information to posts and answering resource complication asks was growing too difficult.

Local/offline resource information will focus on Australian stores and retailers, so some original posts may be less useful for folks outside those regions.

K.A does not in any way ascribe to the notion that only autistics stim, and all allistic stimmers are absolutely welcome to follow this blog, but please note that non-toy discussion posts will often lean more towards autism.

(If you’re planning to send an ask on the subject of whether you can stim or whether your stimming is valid, the answer is yes. Always yes. If you find stimming useful, you should stim, you can call yourself a stimmer, you can participate in the general stim community and you can follow this blog!)

This blog still collects information about sourcing, finding and making stim toys, still reviews stim toys and still takes reviews as submissions. We’re interested in knowing what it is you do and don’t like about your latest purchase. Be as detailed and nitpicky as you wish! Please infodump! Please review something already reviewed! Please talk about colour, smell, texture, feel, taste and sound! You will bring a new insight and help another neurodivergent person know how best to spend their money.

We’re also interested in stim toy collection posts, stim toy feels and stim toy culture posts, so if your content relates to stim toys and stimming in some way, it’s probably welcome here.

This blog accepts posts from all neurodivergent (self-dx inclusive) people who stim, although please note that we still don’t accept visual stim content (as a great many blogs cover that ground). Please see Before You Follow and our Retailers and Reviewers submissions information pages for more information. If you want to share your stim toy experiences, if you want to write about your stimming, if you want to review toys, if you want to celebrate with us your take on stim culture, the submit button is for you.

Mod K.A. does answer questions, but they are no longer able to take on research-heavy questions (especially “can you find for me toys that [relate to a certain theme or colour]” questions). If you want to ask about making or modifying or using toys, or something else neurodiversity related, you’re more than welcome to do so, but asks of the sort that require K.A. to Google toys for you are no longer accepted. Please give searching the blog a shot before you ask, as there might already be toys relating to your desired theme or answered asks on the subject of loosening a tight Tangle.

You might also check out the tag pages which collect answered asks relating to questions about toys by type, colour, theme or experience.

Post schedule

At present, we’re posting three times a day.

Asks and submissions are answered when mod K.A. can. Please do not expect anything to go up or be answered immediately.

On store ownership/store support

We post or reblog anything that’s cool regardless of where it comes from. Yes, it would be awesome to support only autistic/ADHD/neurodivergent-owned businesses. It would be awesome to ignore all businesses that focus solely on children or use phrases like “special needs” in their product descriptions. That would be the dream!

The fact is, though, that prioritising these businesses and excluding the others means reducing the amount of information about toys and stores accessible to international/non-US-residents. We already find it tougher to find things, and this blog is about collating more information, not less. If it’s a stim toy, we’ll post about it, even if it comes from a store that uses problematic branding or descriptions–we do, though, make note of such things so people can make informative choices.

(We will avoid certain sellers if the seller also sells items relating to sexual practices or NSFW content, to keep posts and resources family-friendly and accessible to stimmers of any age.)

We’re also not going to shame people who do purchase Spinmaster’s branded Kinetic Sand (despite their support of Autism Speaks) and any other stim toy from a source that is problematic. Again, there are far fewer alternatives for international stimmers, and we don’t feel in any way okay with telling people not to buy one of the few stim toys that is readily and locally accessible if they cannot find an alternative. (Issues of texture and scent are other reasons for buying the branded Kinetic Sand, if there’s no texture or scent-suitable alternative available locally. Kinetic sand is heavy and expensive to ship!) If you want to submit a post about branded Kinetic Sand or something similar, please do so.

On affiliation

On the off chance a product is provided free by a business, crafter or retailer for review purposes, this will be noted in the review.

All original content – everything tagged stimtoybox – is K.A.’s honest and unbiased opinion or evaluation.

On promotion

Are you a creator, crafter or maker of stim toys? Are you in any way involved in getting stim toys into neurodivergent hands? Have we not yet featured your creations on this blog? Do you have something new we haven’t yet posted? Do we not know that you exist? Send an ask or submission, because we’re more than happy to post about your creations.

Do you write or create tutorials for making stim toys? Do you have a review post I should check out? Have I not reblogged you and your work even though you have content that belongs on this site? Send an ask or submission!

Are you a stim toy reviewer, crafter or blogger who wants a shout out? Ask away. We’re all in the stim community together: there’s no such thing as too much knowledge!

(Please note: We won’t promote visual stim blogs, like those that reblog images/videos/GIFs without informative content or discussions. Our focus here is on the toy side of stimming and the community and culture that surrounds it.)