Review: Liquid Pencil Case, K-Mart

A seafoam/aqua green plastic zipper pencil case sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The pencil case has a clear plastic front pocket filled with a clear gel, rainbow glitter pieces and paper cut-outs of various kawaii-style pictures: unicorn, sausage dog in a hotdog bun, hamburger, rainbow, ice-cream, shooting star. A vinyl rainbow charm hangs from the aqua zipper pull and a white and black plastic tag is attached to said zipper pull by a silver ball chain. Type on the tag reads “Anko Liquid Pencil Case 3+ years”.

Price: $3 AUD.

Dimensions: 18 x 11 cm.

This is another liquid or gel-filled pencil case with a front pocket filled with gel, glitter and paper-style images of cute objects.

I do feel that this is slightly overpriced, but the gel inside the front pocket of the pencil case is very nice to squish. It also retains coolness very well, for folks who like handing cold toys or having a cold temperature element in their stimming–if you leave it in a cool room, or perhaps even the fridge for short periods of time, the pencil case becomes quite cold to the touch and takes a decent amount of handling to warm up. I actually find it a little too good at remaining cold, at least in the winter–even with the heater going in my room, the case is much cooler to the touch than my desk and keyboard.

I will say that as a squish toy, which is how I’ve been using this case, it works best without pencils or anything else inside. I can easily just push the paper images and glitter about the case without anything hard underneath. If you just want to turn it about for the movement of the glitter, it’ll work as a pencil case (or for smaller stim toys) but I find this detracts from the squishability of the gel filler. Unlike mermaid sequin pouches, I’m not using this for storage.

Because it’s entirely plastic, it may work for storing chewables, but I wouldn’t zip the case entirely closed if so.

I do recommend checking your case thoroughly to make sure all the paper images are turned the right way. My flamingo image is backwards and it does annoy me a little bit!

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on August 31, 2018.


Review: Watermelon Ice Pack, Daiso

A round watermelon water bead ice pack, sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The pack is a circle of two pieces of clear vinyl fused together at the edges, with a white-green rind printed on the front side and two rough circles of black seeds printed inside the rind. The pack is filled with multiple small red water beads/orbeez. The pack sits inside a plastic bag with a light blue snowflake backdrop and the header, showing a photo of the ice pack sitting atop a lunch box, has the English text “ice pack” beside the red and white Daiso logo.

Price: $2.80 AUD.

Dimensions: 9.5 cm across.

Yet another birthday gift! I ended up with watermelons being an accidental theme despite the fact that they’re not my favourite fruit, so now I am gifted watermelon things whenever folks run into them.

I’ve had another of the Daiso cool packs that had that very strong musty vinyl smell–it smells like the unholy merging of cheap plastic and my grandparents’ mothball-scented house. I was relieved to discover that this one was only slightly scented and has fully aired out to be a usable toy.

I don’t like it quite as much as my ladybird Cool It pack, as I prefer the matte texture of the vinyl over the glossy, slightly rubbery texture of the watermelon pack, but I’d say that’s more about individual preference than a criticism. The pack is nicely full and makes little in the way of creaking or rustling sounds, very nice for squishing and poking. Unlike conventional jelly or orbeez squishies, it isn’t sticky, and I prefer the gel and water bead cooler packs over the commercial toys for this reason. It’s so much nicer to me to handle.

The beads do slowly crush down as I squish the pack, so folks should keep in mind that they won’t stay whole forever. Eventually, I end up with a crushed mess of red polymer instead of round, red beads. I don’t think this will work for more forceful stimmers, as I do worry that pressing too hard will pop the vinyl!

Daiso has a wide variety of water-bead-filled ice/cooler packs, so there should be a style or shape for most stimmers.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 26, 2018.