Review: Foam Putty, Lincraft

A photo taken on a red watermelon slice pillow background of a small plastic, sealed tub of green floam. The tub is round and made from a slightly opaque clear plastic; a sticker sits on the lid reading “Lincraft Foam Putty” in purple text against a white cloud over a photo of various coloured polystyrene beads.

Price: $2 AUD for 35 grams.

No online listing is available, as normal for Lincraft.

Lincraft has both floam and air-dry clay available in a wide range of bright colours for inexpensive prices, and I really like that this floam comes in a sturdy plastic easy-to-open tub. Seriously, the colour choices are fabulous. Red, blue, two kinds of purples, orange. Lots of lovely, bright colours.

The container is fantastic: the lid peels off easily while having a tight, non-leaking seal, while the tub part of the container is made from a thick, sturdy plastic. I’m pretty sure that it’d take determination and intent to break this, making it ideal for stim-bag or backpack use. I wouldn’t worry about this cracking or leaking.

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Review: Play-Doh Starter Pack, K-Mart

Play-Doh’s Rainbow Starter Pack, a selection of eight yellow plastic tubs, topped with a matching coloured plastic lid, of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink dough. Photo shows the tubs inside a box and covered with cling film, surrounding a picture of a Play-Doh zebra and giraffe surrounded by leaves and flowers in the centre of the box.

Price: $6 AUD.

I’m not reviewing Play-Doh as such here, as most will be pretty familiar with the product: brightly-coloured, squishable, mouldable, has an unmistakable scent. I was given the large selection of Play-Doh above as a birthday present (both the set of regular tubs in the second photo and the Starter Pack shown in the first photo) and I want to call people’s attention to this set of mini-sized tubs.

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Review: Mango Squishy, eBay

A photo of an orange mango squishy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The squishy is shaped like a mango with a brown stem and a two-tone light-orange to dark orange gradient effect, splattered with fine white paint-speckle dots. It’s covered with a shiny slightly-opalescent paint that reflects the camera’s flash.

Price: $3.41 USD *

Dimensions: 17 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm (approx).

This was another birthday present from a friend of mine, @ambiguouspieces! I have to say that while I don’t love mangoes in real life, I adore this squishy. It’s so big! It completely overflows one hand when holding it and fits easily in both hands. If you want something that allows you to squish down on it with both hands being comfortably full of squishy, this. The smooth, rounded planes of the mango also fit very nicely in the cupped hand.

I’ve come to really like it’s plainness. There’s no added texture here, no fancy colours, just a subtle opalescent finish, a curved shape and lots of bright orange. It’s one of the slowest-rising squishies I own, although the lack of decoration does make this aspect less interesting than on other squishies.

Folks should note that this squishy is scented and does leave some scent on my hands, but–uncommonly for squishies–it’s a fruity, fairly non-chemical-type smell. Almost like peach, one of my favourite scents. It won’t work for anyone who can’t abide artificial scents, but I almost don’t mind it.

Some squishies are great because they have added texture for stroking or have visual stim utility, but for simple squishing, this has become my new favourite. I can’t quite explain just how good this feels in the hand, so I’ll just say it’s on my chest of drawers with all my other favourite stim toys, easily grabbed from desk or bed. For a simple squishy, I really do recommend it.

* Note: because this was a present, I have no way of knowing the actual seller or the price paid for it, so I’m finding a listing that’s as close to what I have as possible.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 6, 2018.

Review: Duck Cake Squishy, eBay

A yellow duck-cake squishy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The squishy is shaped like a squarish cake bun with bright yellow icing, small stubby yellow arms and two orange dots for feet. It has brown dot eyes above a rounded orange rectangle for a beak, resulting in a very stylised duck–how a duck might look were it a cake. A black phone charm strap is attached to a plastic eye pin at the top of the squishy.

Price: From $1.19 USD *

Dimensions: 5.5 x 6 x 2 cm

Another one of my birthday squishies is this cute little duck bun/cake. It has a flat back with texturing designed to mimic the rougher surface of a cake or bread, spray-painted orange with some white paint showing.

This is the second one I’ve had, and there is some variation in the brightness of the yellow/orange colouring and the softness of the squishy. This particular one is the softest squishy I’ve ever had–it’s so foamy and light! Like shaving cream were it made into a squishy, somehow! The first one was much denser and duller in colouring, though, so I think it might be a bit of luck depending on what you get. As with all off-brand squishies, there’s a fair bit of quality variation.

Both of mine were scented, but not too strongly, with a sweet bread-like smell.

If you’re willing to take the risk, I really do recommend this. It’s so soft, cute and sized well as a bag charm.

* Both of mine have been gifts, so I can’t recommend a specific seller.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 9, 2018.

Review: Smooshos Unicorn Squishies

Two plump three-dimensional unicorn squishies sitting in the middle of a pink and white daisy bush. The unicorns are somewhat like vintage My Little Pony with a little more kawaii styling, with oversized eyes, oversized heads and chubby bodies. The squishy on the left is white with a pink tail and horn, with a purple/pink/aqua striped mane. The squishy on the right is pastel pink with a blue tail, a yellow horn and a blue/pink/yellow striped mane. Both have large, round black eyes with three white eye shines, two lashes and a small pink stripe for a cheek. The photo is taken in bright sunlight.

Price: $10 AUD on Cool Things Australia and $8.95 AUD on Toy Shop Online. The Tumblr posts links to Sister Sensory, but these squishies are no longer available there.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 5 cm.

These were another gift from @ambiguouspieces! I understand that these were purchased from a local pharmacy, but they’re available at the above links as well as at a variety of online vendors. Just do a search for the brand-name “Smooshos”!

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Review: Super Brain Putty (Crystal Clear), K-Mart

A grey, plastic tin of Slimy brand Super Brain Putty in Anti-Matter Crystal Clear–a perfectly translucent, untinted putty that looks somewhat like liquid glass. The tin is fastened to a teardrop-shaped black back card behind a clear blister package. The card has the text “Slimy” and “Never Dries Out” and “Endless Fun” in English and German, and a range of white text on a black border around the edge of the card, “Super Brain Putty” and various words in German. The tin has a white/silver/grey-toned sticker on the lid showing a snow-covered mountain backdrop behind the circular border text “Super Brain Putty Form Print Snap Melt Bounce Stretch” in white. A white vector brain image in the centre sits beside the words “Super Brain Putty” and above the words “Anti-Matter Crystal Clear”.

Price: $6 AUD (was $8 AUD at time of initial review).

Longer-time followers may remember my disgruntled review of another clear putty earlier this year, Lab Putty’s Sculpting Glass Putty. I found it too brittle–too prone to breaking into shards of putty–to be useful. I’m pleased to say that this putty is so much better to use if you can get it out of the container … but I’m not a fan of the clear putties in terms of stimming practicality.

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Review: Watermelon Ice Pack, Daiso

A round watermelon water bead ice pack, sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The pack is a circle of two pieces of clear vinyl fused together at the edges, with a white-green rind printed on the front side and two rough circles of black seeds printed inside the rind. The pack is filled with multiple small red water beads/orbeez. The pack sits inside a plastic bag with a light blue snowflake backdrop and the header, showing a photo of the ice pack sitting atop a lunch box, has the English text “ice pack” beside the red and white Daiso logo.

Price: $2.80 AUD.

Dimensions: 9.5 cm across.

Yet another birthday gift! I ended up with watermelons being an accidental theme despite the fact that they’re not my favourite fruit, so now I am gifted watermelon things whenever folks run into them.

I’ve had another of the Daiso cool packs that had that very strong musty vinyl smell–it smells like the unholy merging of cheap plastic and my grandparents’ mothball-scented house. I was relieved to discover that this one was only slightly scented and has fully aired out to be a usable toy.

I don’t like it quite as much as my ladybird Cool It pack, as I prefer the matte texture of the vinyl over the glossy, slightly rubbery texture of the watermelon pack, but I’d say that’s more about individual preference than a criticism. The pack is nicely full and makes little in the way of creaking or rustling sounds, very nice for squishing and poking. Unlike conventional jelly or orbeez squishies, it isn’t sticky, and I prefer the gel and water bead cooler packs over the commercial toys for this reason. It’s so much nicer to me to handle.

The beads do slowly crush down as I squish the pack, so folks should keep in mind that they won’t stay whole forever. Eventually, I end up with a crushed mess of red polymer instead of round, red beads. I don’t think this will work for more forceful stimmers, as I do worry that pressing too hard will pop the vinyl!

Daiso has a wide variety of water-bead-filled ice/cooler packs, so there should be a style or shape for most stimmers.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 26, 2018.