Review: Play-Doh Starter Pack, K-Mart

Play-Doh’s Rainbow Starter Pack, a selection of eight yellow plastic tubs, topped with a matching coloured plastic lid, of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink dough. Photo shows the tubs inside a box and covered with cling film, surrounding a picture of a Play-Doh zebra and giraffe surrounded by leaves and flowers in the centre of the box.

Price: $6 AUD.

I’m not reviewing Play-Doh as such here, as most will be pretty familiar with the product: brightly-coloured, squishable, mouldable, has an unmistakable scent. I was given the large selection of Play-Doh above as a birthday present (both the set of regular tubs in the second photo and the Starter Pack shown in the first photo) and I want to call people’s attention to this set of mini-sized tubs.

Photo shows the small Starter Pack tubs arranged beside four normal-sized Play-Doh tubs (with lids in orange, highlighter yellow, dark blue, turquoise). The Starter Pack tubs are about two thirds as high and two thirds as wide as the regular tubs.

These are honestly the perfect size for tossing in a bag or stim kit: they’re fairly lightweight, don’t take up too much space, but don’t hold so little playdough that you can’t properly squish or squeeze it, either. I’ve found that the regular-sized tubs can take up far too much space or add to much weight to a bag, meaning it’s more often an at-home toy for me.

I’ll admit that it can be better value to buy the standard-sized tubs (especially if you can get the singles or four-packs on sale) and I’ll refill these smaller tubs from the bigger ones when the dough dries out. (For stim usage, it really doesn’t last forever, especially if you’re like me and prone to dropping it.) But I am absolutely in love with the size of these, and if anyone has been wanting to add a dough to their stim kit, I think this 8-pack of mini tubs is a fabulous way to go.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 4, 2018.


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