Before You Follow

Please note: this advisory is for the Tumblr site, where usernames and avatars have a tendency to display content that I don’t consent to viewing on my activity page or posts.

On tagging

I used to tag everything and take tag requests, but with Tumblr’s latest denial of PC-users access to editing app-authored posts, I no longer tag non-original content (as I am unable to do this via the iOS app for pain-related reasons). I’m so sorry about this, but until Tumblr restores me this access, I cannot tag and cannot accommodate tag requests, however much I’d love to do this for you.

(Please take this up with Tumblr! I am beyond furious, as a disabled blogger who blogs by using both PC and iPad for various aspects of composition, tagging and queuing, that I can no longer do what I once did so easily.)

GIFs will still be tagged GIF and moving.

On images and describing

Most original content will be described, no matter how briefly, in order to accommodate stim toy users who have vision disabilities, processing disabilities, safety concerns with viewing GIF files or slow bandwidth. Anything not described used to be tagged as undescribed until Tumblr denied me that ability, too.

Non-original content, generally, is not described (because your mod is a ND spoonie who lacks the spoons for describing other people’s content).

On videos and captioning

Please consider all videos to be viewed at own risk. I used to tag for volume, flickering and a few other things, as well as video and moving, but I can now only provide this on videos I’ve queued myself from YouTube.

On kin

Kin blogs can and should feel free to reblog and tag original posts however they feel they need or wish. I have no problem with seeing kin-specific tags on posts.

Follow, reblog, submit, comment and interact

If you are a neurodivergent (or disabled, see below) stimmer (or just neurodivergent) from a worksafe Tumblr account. This space is for you. This includes all self-dx neurodivergent folk and people from everything under the neurodiversity umbrella. Anxiety, autism, ADHD, SPD, personality disorders, any kind of mental illness or developmental disorder or brain injury … if you’re a brain-weird person, this is your space. If you’re questioning, this is also your space.

That said, there are people who experience SPD or SPD-like symptoms for reasons one might not consider brain-weird, like fibromyalgia, and stim to manage and/or endure this. Disabled people are welcome here.

(I do not ever use neurotypical as a synonym for “allistic”.)

Follow, like and reblog

(but please keep interaction informative and do not submit)

If you are neurotypical and/or not disabled. (By this I mean: people who are not brain-weird in some way and don’t possess a non-brain-weird disability that leads one to stim. This does not include questioning people.) This space just isn’t centred on the neurotypical experience.

Stimming is growing as an aesthetic. This is great in the sense that it makes stimming more accessible to those who need it and makes it safer for us to do so, but it de-centres us, at times, in conversations. Abled neurotypicals should feel free to make spaces where they talk fidgeting/stimming, but here we want to hold onto the fact that stimming is as much neurodivergent culture as it is a means of movement, expression, communication and survival born out of neurodivergency.

This said: I do not ever police who is and isn’t neurodivergent. I don’t care how you’re neurodivergent. I don’t require diagnosis, revelation or even full understanding. If you feel you’re ND in some way, or may be ND in some way, and you need to stim, this space is for you and you are allowed and encouraged to have active interactions with all content.

Follow only

If you are a NSFW blog that does not promote, condone or mirror any form of non-consentI am not triggered by TV-level gore nor consensual sexual content.

I do not want minors (or, in fact, anyone expecting this to be a non-sexual space) to happen across gore or sexually-explicit content, no matter how consensual, in the notes on our posts. This is absolutely non-negotiable. If a NSFW blog interacts in any way with my content via like, reblog or comment/reply, I will block you. @stimtoybox is a family-friendly space at all times.

Reblogging to a SFW account is fine and encouraged.

Stay away

If your NSFW blog content condones, promotes, imitates or mirrors any form of non-consent or abuse in your avatars and usernames. I don’t want to see this. Please don’t violate my right to consent to what I see on my activity page.

If you are a cg/l, dd/lg, non-system Little or any variation thereupon referenced in your avatars and usernames. In short: age regressors and system Littles are fine to interact. People who turn children and childhood into a kink for adult games and interactions are not. The depth to which I am uncomfortable with this is significant. Please don’t violate my right to consent to what I see on my activity page.

(If you are a SFW blog but your age regression refers to domination/power exchange, please don’t follow. If you are a strictly/entirely SFW/non-sexual cg/l blog, please send me an ask–off anon–before following. I’ll likely say yes, but an ask shows you’ve read this page and I won’t just block you as yet another dd/lg blog that didn’t read my about and decided that my comfort doesn’t matter.)

If you are an exclusionist, transmedicalist, cissexist, a REG, a TERF or think to use posts as launching pads for discourse, referenced in your avatars and usernames. There is no space here for anyone telling me or my followers that we are unworthy, do not suffer hate or don’t belong in the queer/LGBTQIA+/MOGAI communities (if we identify as such).

If you hate on any minority group in your avatars and usernames. In short, if you are any kind of ableist, cissexist, heterosexist, racist, classist, misogynistic, rape-culture-promoting arse, you don’t belong here. All neurodiverse people should feel safe here, not just white cishets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this before following.