Review: Foam Putty, Lincraft

A photo taken on a red watermelon slice pillow background of a small plastic, sealed tub of green floam. The tub is round and made from a slightly opaque clear plastic; a sticker sits on the lid reading “Lincraft Foam Putty” in purple text against a white cloud over a photo of various coloured polystyrene beads.

Price: $2 AUD for 35 grams.

No online listing is available, as normal for Lincraft.

Lincraft has both floam and air-dry clay available in a wide range of bright colours for inexpensive prices, and I really like that this floam comes in a sturdy plastic easy-to-open tub. Seriously, the colour choices are fabulous. Red, blue, two kinds of purples, orange. Lots of lovely, bright colours.

The container is fantastic: the lid peels off easily while having a tight, non-leaking seal, while the tub part of the container is made from a thick, sturdy plastic. I’m pretty sure that it’d take determination and intent to break this, making it ideal for stim-bag or backpack use. I wouldn’t worry about this cracking or leaking.

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