Review: Squeeze Me Squishy, The Reject Shop

A photo of a white winged unicorn/alicorn squishy with purple hooves, purple tail and mane, and a lilac spiral horn. The squishy is shaped into a leaping position with front and back legs outstretched, and has wide, roughly-oval wings attached to its withers. The squishy has a round black eye with two lashes and a small pink oval-shaped cheek. The squishy is housed inside a bag with a clear window over rainbow-striped plastic, surrounded by small cartoon images of different squishies. Header text reads “Squeeze Me! Slow Rising Squishy Toy” in white and pink surrounded by blue/yellow/black outlines.

Price: $2 AUD.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm at widest points.

Variations: cakes, unicorns, dinosaurs.

No online listing is available. My store had these in a basket by the counters, right where you queue up to pay.

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Review: Squishimals, K-Mart

A round, yellow Squishimals toy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The Squishimal is a round ball-shaped plush shaped like a very kawaii-styled chick, with a yellow plush body and wings, small orange feet, and oversized black embroidered eyes with white pupils and star-shaped eye-shines, pink embroidered cheeks under the eyes and an orange embroidered beak in the centre of its face. A white paper tag attached to the wing says “squeeze me” in English and French, white product tags are attached to its back and stick out across the underside of its body, and a cardboard swing tag featuring cartoon images of various Squishimals under a colourful header sits underneath the toy.

Price: $9 AUD for the full-size plush.

Dimensions: approximately 10.5 cm across.

This is a combination plush toy and squishy–a squishable foam core inside a plush animal skin. If you like squishable toys but don’t like the texture of foam/prefer the texture of minky plush, or you find that commercial foam squishies tear and wear too quickly for regular stimming, you may find the Squishimals worth the outlay. They are more expensive than many stim toys, but I do think they’re worth the price, as they’re not going to rip and tear under normal handling the way commercial foam squishies inevitably do.

You can get clip-on bag-charm style Squishimals for $5 AUD, but they are a fair bit smaller. This size cups quite nicely in my hand–a little bit bigger than the standard apple squishy, a little bit smaller than the average jumbo squishy. They’re moderately slow-rising–nowhere near as slow as many good squishies, but they don’t bounce back immediately, either.

Mine is very soft, made from a minky-style fleece, and the large embroidered textures add a nice texture. There’s also several seams because of the round shape, and while they’re not obtrusive, they also provide texture for stroking. Because of the shape, they can also be tossed from hand to hand. I really do like how this toy combines the best features of a plush toy, squishy and stress ball in one!

I have two drawbacks for the Squishimals. The first is that they’re denser and firmer than most squishies–somewhere between a squishy and a regular stress ball. They’re not too rough on my hands, but they’re not quite as gentle as a regular squishy. (For many, though, this may be not be any kind of disadvantage.) The second is that they are scented in an oversweet, dreadfully artificial fragrance. It does fade: I’ve had my chick for two months now, and it only smells of anything if I hold it right up under my nose. When I first brought it home, though, I had it airing out in the sunroom for weeks, and while I dislike most artificial scents, this one repulsed me.

I do think, if there’s somewhere safe for you to let the toy air out, that they’re worth persisting with, even for stimmers like me. The combination of plush and squishy has been worth the difficulty of the smell.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on August 30, 2018.

Review: Squeeze Eez Squishies, Bodero

Five cinnamon scroll squishies sitting on a blue microfibre blanket. Four of the squishies are housed in clear plastic bags with a yellow cardboard trim, featuring drawings of a sprinkle-covered cake on the edges and the white text “Squeeze Eez” in the centre. These squishies are arranged in a rough square on the blanket. A fifth squishy, unpackaged, sits atop the packaged ones. The squishies are a baked tan-brown with orange shading and a coil of white paint for icing painted on the layers of the scroll and dripping down the sides. The scrolls have realistic bread-texture dimples and ridges where the pastry would be coiled into a scroll in real life.

Price: $1 AUD.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 11 cm at highest point.

Bodero is a clearance-style discount store. I know there’s stores in Victoria, Australia (and a few come up when I do a Google search) but there’s no website listing all the stores or the products. They often have beauty and homeware type items, but I’ve found storage containers, bathmats and a few odd fidget toys. Yesterday, I found these jumbo-sized scroll squishies for $1 AUD each. $1! That’s better than eBay for something this size!

(I picked one out thinking they were $2, discovered at the register they were only $1, bought it, opened it in the shopping center, and rushed back to the store five minutes later to buy as many for which I had loose change, all the while babbling at the sales assistant about the bargain price and the lack of smell. The sales assistant, by the way, was super nice about my unbridled squishy enthusiasm.)

These squishes are a little denser than most squishies. They’re not stress-ball dense, but they don’t have the nice fluffy-marshmallow texture of a really melty soft squishy. The texture, between the dripping icing, the raised section of the scroll and the dimpling is fantastic for stroking. I opened two: one of them is quite slow rising, but the other is only moderately so; expect some variation in rise and softness. Both have a tiny hole in the top of the squishy, meaning they make that lovely whistling noise when pressed for additional auditory stimming.

What makes these amazing (aside from the price) is that they’re almost completely odourless. There is no added scent. I smell a faint chemical-plastic scent from the foam when held right under my nose, but there is absolutely zero added smell. (I suspect the chemical smell will fade once these have aired, but it’s very slight as is.) These will be perfect to use in public or around folks who need to avoid strong fragrances, and they leave no scent on my hands.

The only drawback for these is that they look realistic enough that I’d be careful with them around pets and small children. They’re larger than the average scroll cake, but not so much that they couldn’t be mistaken for one.

(These would look so good displayed on a cake stand on a sideboard, for adults wishing their stim toys disguised as home decor items.)

Aside from the fact that my stimming friends are now getting scroll squishies as Christmas presents, I am really pleased to have a large/jumbo squishy that is so unscented for such an amazing price. If there’s a Bodero near you, do check them out. I haven’t been this thrilled by a squishy since my mango

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on November 13, 2018.

Review: Mango Squishy, eBay

A photo of an orange mango squishy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The squishy is shaped like a mango with a brown stem and a two-tone light-orange to dark orange gradient effect, splattered with fine white paint-speckle dots. It’s covered with a shiny slightly-opalescent paint that reflects the camera’s flash.

Price: $3.41 USD *

Dimensions: 17 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm (approx).

This was another birthday present from a friend of mine, @ambiguouspieces! I have to say that while I don’t love mangoes in real life, I adore this squishy. It’s so big! It completely overflows one hand when holding it and fits easily in both hands. If you want something that allows you to squish down on it with both hands being comfortably full of squishy, this. The smooth, rounded planes of the mango also fit very nicely in the cupped hand.

I’ve come to really like it’s plainness. There’s no added texture here, no fancy colours, just a subtle opalescent finish, a curved shape and lots of bright orange. It’s one of the slowest-rising squishies I own, although the lack of decoration does make this aspect less interesting than on other squishies.

Folks should note that this squishy is scented and does leave some scent on my hands, but–uncommonly for squishies–it’s a fruity, fairly non-chemical-type smell. Almost like peach, one of my favourite scents. It won’t work for anyone who can’t abide artificial scents, but I almost don’t mind it.

Some squishies are great because they have added texture for stroking or have visual stim utility, but for simple squishing, this has become my new favourite. I can’t quite explain just how good this feels in the hand, so I’ll just say it’s on my chest of drawers with all my other favourite stim toys, easily grabbed from desk or bed. For a simple squishy, I really do recommend it.

* Note: because this was a present, I have no way of knowing the actual seller or the price paid for it, so I’m finding a listing that’s as close to what I have as possible.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 6, 2018.

Review: Duck Cake Squishy, eBay

A yellow duck-cake squishy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The squishy is shaped like a squarish cake bun with bright yellow icing, small stubby yellow arms and two orange dots for feet. It has brown dot eyes above a rounded orange rectangle for a beak, resulting in a very stylised duck–how a duck might look were it a cake. A black phone charm strap is attached to a plastic eye pin at the top of the squishy.

Price: From $1.19 USD *

Dimensions: 5.5 x 6 x 2 cm

Another one of my birthday squishies is this cute little duck bun/cake. It has a flat back with texturing designed to mimic the rougher surface of a cake or bread, spray-painted orange with some white paint showing.

This is the second one I’ve had, and there is some variation in the brightness of the yellow/orange colouring and the softness of the squishy. This particular one is the softest squishy I’ve ever had–it’s so foamy and light! Like shaving cream were it made into a squishy, somehow! The first one was much denser and duller in colouring, though, so I think it might be a bit of luck depending on what you get. As with all off-brand squishies, there’s a fair bit of quality variation.

Both of mine were scented, but not too strongly, with a sweet bread-like smell.

If you’re willing to take the risk, I really do recommend this. It’s so soft, cute and sized well as a bag charm.

* Both of mine have been gifts, so I can’t recommend a specific seller.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 9, 2018.

Review: Smooshos Unicorn Squishies

Two plump three-dimensional unicorn squishies sitting in the middle of a pink and white daisy bush. The unicorns are somewhat like vintage My Little Pony with a little more kawaii styling, with oversized eyes, oversized heads and chubby bodies. The squishy on the left is white with a pink tail and horn, with a purple/pink/aqua striped mane. The squishy on the right is pastel pink with a blue tail, a yellow horn and a blue/pink/yellow striped mane. Both have large, round black eyes with three white eye shines, two lashes and a small pink stripe for a cheek. The photo is taken in bright sunlight.

Price: $10 AUD on Cool Things Australia and $8.95 AUD on Toy Shop Online. The Tumblr posts links to Sister Sensory, but these squishies are no longer available there.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 5 cm.

These were another gift from @ambiguouspieces! I understand that these were purchased from a local pharmacy, but they’re available at the above links as well as at a variety of online vendors. Just do a search for the brand-name “Smooshos”!

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Review: Pineapple Squishy, eBay

A photo of a pearlescent pineapple squishy sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The squishy has a yellow oval-shaped base with a raised diamond-scale pattern to mimic the texture of a real pineapple, finishing with a stem composed of small protruding leaves. The leaves are bright green covered with a pearly green paint, the fruit bright yellow covered with a pearly yellow paint. A few bubbles in the foam are visible under the paint layers.

Price: $2.99 USD *

Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.5 cm

Please note that you’ll need to select option F from the drop-down menu.

This squishy looks like it should be a jumbo squishy, but it isn’t: it tucks neatly into my palm, easily cupped in my hand. It’s closer to the standard red apple squishy in total size over the jumbo strawberries or peaches.

When I first opened this, it smelt so chemically I couldn’t bear it–a strong, bitter chemical-plastic-petrol smell. It’s been airing in the sunroom for nearly a month, and while it’s still more scented than I like, it now only smells sweet and slightly bread-like. Something like a fruit pastry, I suppose!

It’s very textured and fantastic for stroking because of the deep grooves in the diamond scale pattern. Even just rolling it in my hands provides a lot of texture! The leaves at the stem have a variety of sizes for additional stroking. It’s very soft and quite slow-rising for a smaller squishy, and the pearly paint finish makes it far more interesting to watch–the pearly and metallic squishies tend to catch and reflect the light while they rise, giving them even more of a visual stim element.

My only concern, outside the smell, is that there’s a lot of large bubbles and indents in the foam where it didn’t fill the mould, and I suspect this will be quicker than usual to tear because of the stress on these imperfections when squished down. I truly don’t think this squishy will last all that long under regular use, but if you don’t mind that, the texture is amazing. Only my giant ice-cream cone has anything approaching this for stroking!

* This squishy was another gift, so this listing is merely a stockist, not a recommended vendor.

Originally posted on @stimtoybox on September 28, 2018.