Submissions: Reviewers


– Photo submissions with image descriptions are preferred if possible. (Some of us navigate via screen reader, some of us have GIFs disabled for fear of seizures or sensory overload, and some of us can’t load or view images at all.)


– Please try and keep curses to a minimum.

– Don’t use slurs. With reference to “Cr*zy Aaron’s Thinking Putty”, please censor the slur or refer to it as just “Thinking Putty”. Many of us won’t be comfortable reading a word that is still used, regularly, to belittle and diminish us.

– Be as detailed or not as you wish. We are here for long, detailed reviews but we also accept more limited reviews. Just include something that’s informative about your experience with the toy. Especially if it’s something you didn’t know about it until you got it in your hands! Don’t be afraid to mention positives and negatives, even if you think they’re only negative for you. Someone will feel the same way!

– Do include where you found the toy (country, shop name) and how much it cost (do list the currency in addition to the price). If the toy comes from an online store and you can find the information, list where the store is located. Many stores on Etsy are based in the US and, consequently, the shipping is prohibitive for international stimmers. If shipping is a factor and you can discuss it without revealing personal details, please do so.

– If you’re offering a tutorial, please give us your experience of the process! We want to know how hard or difficult things are to make.

– We’re also very interested to know how the toy worked for you and in what circumstances. Your experience will help someone!

– Video submissions that don’t come from a registered Tumblr account/user name will be blocked/deleted or reported. This is because I’m getting an increasing amount of video spam via the submissions box and I am unwilling to risk seizure triggers by clicking on a video from a random email address.

– Submissions that are informative in some way are preferred–more than just a photo of a toy alone. Submissions that tell us something about how to get the toy, what the toy is like to use or something else discussion-worthy about stim culture or the experiences of a stimmer. This blog is now accepting more in the way of toy collection submissions, but content that is informative in some way is a better fit for the expected content here.

– Submissions that talk about the stim experience, stim culture, stim toy cleaning and care, autism, neurodiversity, stim pride, ND pride or anything else along these lines–especially in the way of ND connection and storytelling–are also accepted.

– Please do not submit an question or query via submission to circumnavigate closure of the askbox. Submissions need to be informative in some way: a link, a photo and accompanying resource information, video that is either tutorial or review, a text post that is either tutorial or review. Questions, especially questions that request the provision of a resource, need to be asked via Tumblr’s ask function.

– If you can, link us to the original writer of the tutorial if you are not the author yourself: we want to give credit where credit is due.

– By “stim toy” we mean “any object you stim with” – anything from tangles to chewables to jewellery. If you stim with it and it’s an object and you have something informative to say about it, your thoughts belong here.

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