Submissions: Retailers

I’m starting to get more interaction from crafters and retailers seeing this blog as a good home for their content, which is amazing! However, we do have a few extra criteria for crafters and retailers in making promotional posts for this blog, so we request that you include all these things in any submissions you send (or posts in which you mention us for the purpose of promotion by us).

These are all the things that give people who view the post more information about what you do. Formatting your posts this way will take more time and effort from you, but they will also give you more post interaction.


– Please include at least one, preferably a couple, photographs of some of the products you stock (as items that serve as a sample or representation of your product line). Posts with photos get a lot more traction than those without. Posts that are just a link to your store don’t tend to get a lot of interaction, so if you want the maximum possible reblogs, include one or a few photos of your products.

Describe your included images if possible. It’s no longer a requirement, as K.A. is no longer adding descriptions to non-original content through lack of spoons, but it is absolutely preferred.


– Please try and use a video whose opening screen displays a clear picture of the featured toy. This helps folks who can’t watch the video (time, various disabilities) still get a sense of what the toy looks like.

Describe the opening image of the video if possible. This is for the same reasons that we describe images.

– If the video contains anything like flashing images, flickering, fast movements or loud noises, please write a line mentioning this.

– Video submissions that don’t come from a registered Tumblr account/user name will be blocked/deleted or reported. This is because I’m getting an increasing amount of video spam via the submissions box and I am unwilling to risk seizure triggers by clicking on a video from a random email address.


– Provide a direct link to your store.

– Provide direct links to the example stock items featured in your photographs. Folks on mobile or folks with physical disabilities might find it difficult to search your store to find these featured items, so always provide the additional direct links.


– List the prices of the sample/featured items in your photos, and in what currency. While prices change (especially when converted from USD) this gives our followers some indication of what the prices might be without having to use the mouse clicks to find out (which isn’t a simple thing for some disabled followers).

– List the country where your store is located. This blog is about recognising that not all stimmers are located in the US, and this information is very important for international stimmers.

– List the countries to where you ship. (If all of them, just say “worldwide”.) If only one or two, just list those two countries. Again, this is vital information for international stimmers.

– Are there any material or content advisories you need to make? Is the item scented? Item made from nickel? Is the language potentially alienating to teen and adult stimmers?

– Do people understand how your featured toys work? Include some descriptive information about what they’re used for, what they do or how they’re used, especially if they’re a more unusual stim toy. Take the time to tell us why people should buy your toy.

(This is information you’ll usually put in your product description on your retail site, and it should go here, too. Remember: we don’t want to make people have to click through to find things out. We want people to learn everything they need to know on this post.)

– Is there any further pricing range, custom or commission information you think the potential customer should know about? Include this, too!

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